What is an AVRAME kit?

The engineering, design, and precut and predrilled custom structural materials are really what set avrame apart. Avrame is not a prefabricated, modular, or tiny home. It is more like a traditional stick build with full sets of architectural and engineered plans built on a poured foundation. By leveraging the engineering, architecture, and precut and predrilled lumber you get an affordable and simple to assemble modern home.

Which kit is right for me?

When considering which kit and level of material inclusions is right for you consider the following...
• How much experience do you have and how hands on do you want to be for your project?
• Do you have the time and desire to source more or less by yourself?
• Do you plan to do much of the work yourself or do you plan to hire a builder?
• How quickly do you plan to get your home built? Will building materials be left sitting in the elements?
• Do you have a specific or unique exterior, interior, or window configuration in mind?

Where is AVRAME located?

The Avrame concept was devloped in Europe. The AvrameUSA team has designed and engineered kits to be compliant with U.S. building codes. AvrameUSA sources, packages, and ships all kit parts domestically. Our facilities are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How do I budget for total expenses on my AVRAME home?

Current custom home builds in the United States average over $200 per square foot. Avrame kits are designed to be considerably more affordable, from the foundation up! The original concept was conceived with a DIY approach in mind. With a high level of DIY work on your kit you can estimate between $100-$125 per square foot for your all in budget (outside of land expenses).

DIY not your style, no problem! The leveraged engineering and design, along with the assembly value of the prefabricated truss system, still allows most to save money on an AvrameUSA build when hiring a builder.

Materials you choose to include in your kit, access to your building site, finish materials you source, sub contracted help, and local market rates all impact your final build cost. Use the budget worksheet to get estimates and research options that work best for your budget, timeline, and experience.

How does the permitting process work?

Once you have purchased your land and submitted a site plan us, our team will work with you and provide a set of structural and architectural drawings that you will use to apply for building permits in your local planning office.

What if I need to get preliminary approval from my HOA before I can determine if AVRAME is a good fit for my project, will you provide me plans for this process?

A review document of the high level plans is available for this purpose. This should provide enough information to gain initial approval.

How long does it take to get my kit?

There are many factors that come into play in timing. It is safe to allocate between 4-8 months for your full planning and building stages. Once a kit is ordered it can be produced in 8-10 weeks. Please see our timeline and process roadmap for additional information.

Do I need to hire and architect or engineer for my project?

In the US it is not nessary to hire an architect or engineer for your project unles you choose to do so. We have full sets of engineered plans and architectural drawing available and a team you can work with for customizations.

Do I need a contractor to build my kit?

The Avrame kits are simple to assemble and have clear plans to assist in the process. Most clients choose to hire a contractor, assembly team, or sub contractors (such as plumbers and electricians) to complete their projects. The Avrame kits can be a DIY project for the knowledgeable homeowner. Please note that some jurisdictions in the US will require a licensed contractor to complete the build.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing directly through AvrameUSA. Most clients have found success seeking a construction loan (some will allow you to bundle land and home together).

One key element to keep in mind when talking to lenders is Avrame is not a prefabricated, modular, or tiny home. It is really a traditional stick build with full sets of architectural and engineered plans that sits on a fixed foundation (as seen on the elevation view of the review document). We have simply leveraged the engineering, architecture, and pre-cut and predrilled the truss system to simplify assembly.

What is the payment schedule?

An initial payment of $2,500, plus any customization or additional drawing fees, is due at engagment of the drawing phase. The payment is nonrefundable but is deducted from your final payment balance. 50% of your invoice is due as kit production begins and the balance due when your home is ready to be shipped.

Do you have models for me to look at?

Yes, we do have a DUO mockup in Salt Lake City. Available to visit by appointment.

Are there any discount opportunities?

In the future there may be opportunities for qualified Avrame homes to be made available marketing or site visit purposes and receive compensation or discounts for such efforts.

Can my AVRAME be off grid?

Yes, Avrame kits homes can easily be finished to be off grid homes. The nature of the roofing allows for easily managed solar panels. You will source solar equipment and other off grid options locally.

How do I get a site plan for my land?

Seek out a local licensed surveyor to perform a survey of the land and integrate the Avrame structure based on the downloadable review sheet on each model.

How does shipping work?

All AvrameUSA kits are engineered, sourced, and packaged in the United States. The kits are prepared and shipped from our facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah on a flatbed truck.

• You and your team would greet the truck upon arrival at the site and unload the components and building members directly onto your site. Construction forklift is required. Estimates for delivery are $1,000-$5,600 depending on proximity and accessibility.

Do I need on site storage?

Depending on your build schedule, location of land, comfort level, potential exposure to elements, you may consider having a pod or storage container onsite to hold materials in while you build. Avrame homes are designed to be assembled quickly and with planning you may not need storage onsite

Can I purchase plans only?

Our minimum package is our Structural Kit which includes permit drawings, assembly instructions, and structural lumber and hardware.

Can I connect two AVRAME homes together?

Connecting two Avrame homes is possible! Custom engineering and design of connection structure, as well as materials, are all sourced and hired locally vs. through the AvrameUSA team.

What's not included in the kit?

Review the kit pricing chart for various levels of material inclusions and reference the budget worksheets for a guide on things you will need to source locally to complete your Avrame home.

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