AvrameUSA kits offer an affordable alternative to a custom built home with sleek European design and US engineering and fabrication. The classic A-frame design reimagined with a modern edge. Custom fabricating and framing methodology drive ease of assembly ideal for an owner/builder project!

Why Avrames ?

Your house shouldn’t be a burden on your time or finances. Avrames are for people who value their freedom but still want a place to call home.

Avrames can be built anywhere you want and on any style of foundation, existing or new. They’re great for off grid applications because of their roof angle which is perfect for installing solar panels.

Avrames will help you conserve resources thanks to advanced technology that decreases utility needs. You’ll save money and feel good doing it.

Avrame combines the benefits of a classic A-frame design with modern building materials. A-frames are durable and easy to build. The result is energy efficient and cost effective house.


Think of Avrame kits as a sophisticated materials order with full sets of US engineered plans and assembly instructions ideal for a DIYer looking to build a home.

The engineering, design, and custom fabricated structural materials are really what set AvrameUSA kits apart. Avrame homes are not prefabricated, modular, or tiny homes–nothing in our kit is pre assembled. It is more like a traditional stick build built on a poured stem wall footing foundation. By leveraging the engineering, architecture, precut and pre-drilled lumber you get an affordable and simple to assemble modern home.

AvrameUSA is the exclusive US manufacturer and distributor of the popular AVRAME brand of homes designed and developed in Europe.


Press Release from AVRAME

Avrame has released the following press release on PR Newswire. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/avrame-introduces-unique-selection-of-a-frame-housing-kits-for-us-housing-market-efficient-lumber-homes-designed-for-quick-assembly-300865126.html With engineered and custom-fabricated structural materials, Avrame buildings are not prefabricated or modular. Instead, they are built on-site by the customer using floor plans, and precut, pre-drilled lumber kits that allow affordable and simple assembly of a modern A-frame structure. Learn more at: www.AvrameUSA.com.

AVRAME is USA Bound!

AVRAME  is USA Bound! We are excited to bring AVRAME A-Frame homes to the United States. We will be providing local support and are excited to team up on this great product.


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